ARTSBRUNCH 14.11.2018

“We look from two different shores onto the same sea…” (Sabrina Podesser) Artists, church and identity and the question about your “inner song“

Speakers: Singer-Songwriter couple Rene & Sabrina Podesser and Pastor Marc Shaw

Our starting point this time was the topic „artists and church“, from the perspective of pastor Marc Shaw and the singer-songwriter couple Rene and Sabrina Podesser. Rene also took us on an inspiring journey about “identity” – not only on a personal level, also concerning the church in Austria and the Austrian nation itself – and how these two themes are connected.

In his youth, before pastor Marc Shaw from the denomination Four Square, became a Christian, he was a member in a rock band. So he got a little insight in the music business and the lifestyle as a musician on the one hand and he knows the perspective of church leadership on the other hand. He asked the question why about 50 percent of Christian artists are not part of a church community.

The perspective and the focus of pastors or church leadership on the one hand and the strength and calling of artists to ask (sometimes in a challenging way) questions or to bring new perspectives on certain issues can be an area of conflict.

Missunderstandings and disappointments on both sides happened. Marc Shaw asked as representative of the church for forgiveness for the exploitation or instrumentalisation of artists for the interests of churches. Also where church leadership tried to put artists in a box concerning what kind of artistic art forms, expressions or lifestyles are acceptable. God is a God of relationship and reconciliation and in the bible are many examples how He spoke through art to his people. Marc encouraged us to stay in connection and in a dialog with our church leadership to strengthen the great potential within the relationships between artists and churches. Artists are with their gifts and perspectives a blessing for churches and need spiritual homes, a backup and also commissioning for their work and calling “in the world”.

Rene and Sabrina Podesser shared their experiences with their former church leadership. For many years they lived in a conflict that their artistic career in the music business and their position in the church leadership were not compatible. Their artistic career and lifestyle were seen as sinful. But Rene and Sabrina had a clear confirmation from God to be “light” in the music business and they followed their heart. So they left their old church.

Next to their band projects they also started a ministry called “Ohne Make-up” (Without Make-up) in cooperation with schools. They organize songwriting workshops and concerts with and for kids and youth and teach about identity and the unique “inner song” that is laid in all of us. Rene and Sabrina have it on their heart to bring a revelation about true sonship of God and our identity. Rene also talked about the identity crises of the Austrian church and nation. He shared a prophetic word for Austria.

Finally Sabrina performed a song for us about artists and the church and that “we look from different shores to the same ocean”. She encourages us to grow in trust, understanding and authentic connection.


Information about Rene und Sabrina Podesser:

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