ARTSBRUNCH 14.4.2018

Theme: Competition in the art scene

Jasmina Hajdany (filmmaker, script writer, violinist)

The inspiring filmmaker, script writer and violinist - Jasmina Hajdany - took us on a fascinating journey through her life story and her artistic career. On the basis of her own experiences, she talked about the very often deep personal roots, that causes envy, jealousy and competition in the art world and between artists.

To have a clear revelation about our God-given identity is an important key for our inner healing and strengthening in this area.

"If you don't live by the praise of men you won't die by their criticism." (Bill Johnson)

She also gave us helpful tools and questions for this process. Because of the great power of the arts and artistic creation, which sheds light onto important themes and asks questions - it is under the hard attack of the enemy and also all those who have a calling in this area. Competition, with all its aspects, is a strategy to block, weaken and discourage artists in their God-given calling and guidance. But Christian artists can make a difference in the art world. We can build a culture of encouragement and honor - through life-giving exchange instead of destructive criticism.

I this spirit - "Arise and shine..."