Theme: Healing. Release.Transformation. - learning resilience and dealing with hurtings as artist

Eva Maria Admiral (actress, writer, coach and speaker)

Some impressions from the Vienna Arts Brunch with Eva Maria Admiral.
„How can I do life well despite having been dealt a lousy hand?“ and „What is it, that keeps me from falling apart?“.

Based on her life story and her experiences, Eva Maria talked with us about „resilience“, the ability to overcome crises and to see them as opportunities for personal growth and development.

Both the modern brain research and the Bible teach us in this context very similar insights and Eva Maria illustrated what kind of questions can be helpful when stepping out of our „old“ stories into „new“ ones.

It’s so important to be aware of the power of our thoughts, our personal will and decisions and how they run our life. It brings great freedom to realize that our past doesn’t determine the direction of our future. I always have the choice HOW I respond to the circumstances in my life.

Eva Maria encourages us to ask ourselves some questions from time to time:
What do I REALLY want?
What is good and healthy for me?
Are there mindsets that hinder me from being free to step into my new life-story?
And very important: Why do I want or do something?
My motivation or WHY I am doing my art is so much more important than HOW I am doing it! This WHY and the „meaning“ I am giving it is what carries me in the end.

The Bible verses Rom 12,2, which talks about the renewing of our mind and 2.Cor 5,17 which teaches us that we are a new being in Christ, what was old is gone and the new has come are powerful sources of revelation concerning these questions.

In her new book „Szenenwechsel“ Eva Maria encourages us with valuable questions, thoughts and very practical tools to become passionate producers of our own life story.

And don’t forget „Get excited about your recovery!“


New Book: Szenenwechsel
Biography: Mein Überlebenslauf