ARTSBRUNCH 20.1.2018

Theme: Finances/provision and Gods calling and guidance – contrariety or unexpected possibilities?

Guest speakers: Christopf Unterberger (composer, cellist) and Chris Pöschl (pastor, worship leader and songwriter)

Some impressions of our first Arts Brunch 2018 – it was inspiring and really encouraging. This year we ask some questions concerning “personal and professional challenges for Christian artists on their artistic path”.

On the one hand we heard the fascinating story of Christof Unterberger. After a long, unsuccessful struggle for his dream career as a cellist in an orchestra, God opened doors in the area of composition of film score. Today he is a very successful, international composer and cellist and thankful. Through his openness for Gods guidance he experiences an unbelievable financial provision and variety in his job.

On the other hand pastor and Worship leader Chris Pöschl dove with us into the theme “provision and finances” from a biblical perspective. He talked about “stewardship” and our responsibility concerning our God given talents and resources. He shared some inspiring thoughts, what kind of mindsets and attitudes we often carry and where the bible gives us promises concerning provision.

To bring artists and spiritual leaders together to have exchange and to learn more about the different perspectives, is one of the visions of the Vienna Arts Brunch team. This meeting was an amazing start to build these kind of bridges.