We want to strengthen Christian artists of all art forms in their identity and their god given calling. Our goal is to make Gods nature visible through arts and to bring heaven down to earth.

What is the Vienna Arts Brunch?

The “Vienna Arts Brunch” is a meeting and a network, initiated by and for Christian artists of all art forms and denominations. At the moment, the meetings take place 5 times a year in the premises of the Expedithalle and are lead and organized by a team of 5.

The meetings are meant for professional artists (full and part time) and artists, who are in training or at the beginning of their artistic development.

The brunch is not only a culinary delight, but also provides a wide range of opportunities to receive spiritual input, get new inspirations, or have professional exchange between artists. Moreover, it is a place where you are encouraged in your growth and will be supported in prayer.

The meetings usually consist of portraits of artists, or artistic and spiritual inputs by guest speakers and artists, as well as interactive elements, such as times for discussion and sharing your own experiences. The long-term goal of this network is to carry out a joint project; or rather people already use it to do this. Various artists have also started to work together in cooperation



Through art God’s nature becomes visible in a unique way. Similarly, God reveals himself through creation as his work of art: his glory, power and beauty; his mercy, love and truth; his humour, will and majesty.


On the one hand, the Vienna Arts Brunch supports networking and cooperation between artists, and helps developing a community of artists on a regional, as well as, on a national level.

Identity & Calling

On the other hand, the Vienna Arts Brunch is a place where Christian artists will be encouraged and supported in their identity and calling to pioneer as prophets and trendsetters.


This will automatically influence other artists in their professional or social environment, as well as our churches and our society.


Visual Artist

Art is a way through which we can see and move the world! It is the desire of my heart to strengthen Christian artists in their identity and calling, to connect people, and to conjoin gifts and resources

Spiritual Leadership,
Arts Pastor

I believe that God has created artists exceptionally – in every aspect! And I love to spend time with such treasures, to learn from them and to invest in them: the trendsetters of our society, the priests in our world, the stethoscopes of our churches, the political conscience of our time, the advocates of beauty, harmony, humour and provocation…

Arts Brunch Vienna Johannes

worship leader

“Sharing is caring”, and especially since artists often work alone, they need times to share with like-minded people to sharpen their vision for the bigger picture.

Graphic design,
multi media

I think it is important for Christian artists to network with like-minded people to be able to develop the vision God has for us.

Vienna artsbrunch Gudula

Cellist, singer,

To me the Arts Brunch is a home for Christian artists, where we can get to know, encourage and challenge each other, as well as learn to understand and support each other. Moreover, it is a place where we can discover and experience the heart of the “great artist” and creator of creativity. Together we can discover his vision and dreams for us.

Visual & performing artist,
inventor of LIGHTpainting

The honest exchange of artists, of all art forms, who love JESUS, strengthens and encourages them, to come fully alive in their God-given calling and dreams. It's also part of our vision to encourage the dialogue between pastors and artists, to create more  awareness about the power of the arts. Spiritual leaders can thereby become themselves facilitators of the arts and can support artists to take their God-given place in the church and the society.  



10 am – 1 pm

10 am – 1 pm

10 am – 1 pm

10 am – 1 pm

10 am – 1 pm


We are happy to take your registration for the next Arts Brunch and are looking forward to meeting you there! We are open to any ideas, suggestions or inspirations.


Absberggasse 27
Ankerbrotfabrik | Expedithalle
1100 Vienna